We are grateful to our generous sponsors for donating the following special awards. Neither awards by Division and Category nor Best of Fair Awards are included here as participants are entered automatically for those. However, in addition participants should choose up to 3 special awards listed below that might suit their project.  Please read the short descriptions.  Choose 3 awards within your division (J – Junior Grades 7 & 8, I – Intermediate, Grades 9 & !0, S – Senior, Grades 11 & 12). Enter the Code beside the awards of choice on your Entry Form.




Best Project:

Wouter van Stralen Memorial Award J,I,S ANIMAL examining animal behaviour
Roy Charlton Aviation Award of Excellence J,I,S FLIGHT relating to aviation/flight
Greenfield Greenhouse Gas Reduction Award J,I,S GREENFIELD relating to the reduction of greenhouse gaes
Horticultural Society Award J,I,S HORT relating to horticulture and/or botany
Ingredion Food Science Award J,I,S INGREDION relating to food science, chemical breakdown of food, energy and nutrients
Invista Energy Conservation Award J,I,S LAND-L relating to energy conservation
Recorder & Times Media Award J,I,S MEDIA with excellent graphic and visual display
University of Ottawa Award S UOO $1000 entrance scholarship to Faculties of Engineering, Science or Health Science
PEO Engineering Award – Junior J PEO-J relating to engineering
PEO Engineering Award – Intermediate/ Senior I,S PEO-IS relating to engineering
Computer Science Award J,I,S COMPU with innovative use of a computer.  Project not possible without computer use.
RSLSF Euclid Award J,I,S MATH specifically relating to mathematics used for analysis
Documentation Award J,I,S DOCU exhibiting excellent documentation of raw data
Product Analysis and Development Award – Junior J PROD-J comparing consumer products
Product Analysis and Development Award – Intermediate/Senior I,S PROD-IS comparing consumer products
Concept Demonstration Award J,I,S DEMO with self-constructed working model demonstrating a concept
Bioloy Award – Junior J BIO-J relating to biology
Bioloy Award – Intermediate/Senior I,S BIO-IS relating to biology
Health and Wellness  Award – Junior J FIT-J relating to human health, disease prevention, fitness, exercise
Plant Growth Chemistry Award J,I,S AGRI related to chemistry, gertilizer, plant growth
Health and Wellness Award – Intermidiate/Senior I,S FIT-IS relating to human health, disease prevention, fitness, exercise
Psychology Award – Junior J PSYCH-J relating to human behaiour, psychology
Psychology Award – Intermediate/Senior I,S PSYCH-IS relating to human behaiour, psychology
Chemistry Award – Junior J CHEM – J relating to chemistry
Chemistry Award – Intermediate/Senior I,S CHEM – IS relating to chemistry
Physics Award – Junior J PHYS – J relating to physics
Physics Award – Intermediate/Senior I,S PHYS – IS relating to physics
Protection of the Environment Award – Junior J PROTECT – J relating to protection of the environment
Protection of the Environment Award – Intermediate/Senior I,S PROTECT – IS relating to protection of the environment