You must submit a one-page project summary that includes all the references you used for your project with your entry form. It should be prepared ahead of time.  It must be saved as a pdf file and be ready for uploaded during online registration.

This report is the first thing the judges will see.  It is a “first impression”, so please check grammar and spelling and make sure it is complete.  It should include the following parts. Click on the titles for a brief description.


Briefly explain why you did the project.  What question did you want to answer?


An educated guess that answers the question you asked. This may be based on research you did before you started the project.


A brief description of what you did to prove your hypothesis or answer your question. As the report should be no longer than one page, it is not intended to be as detailed a description that would appear on your display.


A brief description of what you discovered while doing the project.


A general statement that relates your results back to your purpose and hypothesis.  Was your hypothesis right or not, and why?


All the references you used for your project  such as the URL of web pages, books, magazines and information received must be listed here.  Please use APA style.  This can be found within most word processing apps.