You must submit a brief project summary that includes all the references you used for your project with your entry form. It should be prepared ahead of time.  It must be saved as a pdf file and be ready for uploaded during online registration. It should be no more than 3 pages.

This report is the first thing the judges will see.  It is a “first impression”, so please check grammar and spelling and make sure it is complete.  It should include the following parts. Click on the titles for a brief description.


A short summary of why you decided on this topic.  What is the question or problem to be solved?

For an experiment or study:  Summarize the experiment you designed, or data you collected to test your hypothesis using your research on the topic.

For an innovation: Outline some of the options you considered for your solution based on your research and explain why you chose the one you did.

Materials, Methods and Observations

Give details on the materials and the methods you used to generate your innovation or complete your experiment or study. You can include pictures but as this is a summary report, focus on the main experiment/final product.  Other trials and models should be included in your logbook.

  • Please use tables and be sure that all units are correct, and all data is properly labelled (by row and column).
  • Make sure that all pictures are labelled and numbered.

For an experiment or study

  • Use charts to analyze your data.
  • Make sure all axes are labelled correctly with units.

For an innovation:

  • Use charts and tables for communicating results from testing your innovation.
  • Label and number all pictures.
Analysis and Conclusions

For an experiment or study:

  • Explain what you found out. Did this agree with your hypothesis? Are your results clear or is it possible some variables were not controlled well.
  • What further experimentation/study would you undertake to improve the results?
  • Why does it matter?

For an innovation:

  • Did your idea work? What were some of the problems and could they be solved? Was this the best option for your solution?
  • What further improvements or possible directions would you take to improve the results?
  • Why does it matter?

Include the references you used for background research, design, and experimental research. These can be from online sources, books, magazines and people.

Please use APA style.  This can be found within most word processing apps.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement Statement

Be aware of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the land on which you completed your project, and name them.  Is your land under a treaty, or is it unceded territory? Be thankful for their care of the land from time immemorial.